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For years, the sump pump has been a quite common fixed object in homes, particularly in low-level regions of the nation or in where the quick melting of snow can lead to flooded basements. Proper maintenance will be the key. It is cheaper than a large repair and it significantly increases your equipmentlife. But in this article we will have a look at seven causes that often result in little giant sump pump.

1. Failure of power

The most popular cause for the failure of sump pumpis the outage ofthe electrical power. To stop this, you should spare your backup generator which can be activatedmanually. In the situation that your main pump failsmechanically, though, the generator couldn’t help in these situations. Yet in the case of storms where the power may be knocked out in the certain amount of time, then your backup generator could be your lifesaver.

2. Wrong size sump pump

If you either owna wrong sized pump or your pump isn’t installed properly, then you will maybe have a problem in the future. A small pump is often as just effective as any big one. As a pump is a bit too big, then the pump may be forced to work really harder, leading to a shorter lifespan of the product. But in case it is too small, then it might not be capable of adequately pumping out water, again leading to the shorter lifespan.

3. Incorrect installation

Installing a pump must be accomplished exactly right. The instructions of manufacturer must be applied carefully for installation so as to avoid bad water damage into the road. Many manufacturers recommend and even require you to install the check valve on a discharge line. In case it isn’t installed properly, the water’s back-flow may force the impeller of your pump to rotate backward and unscrew your motor shaftoff. In this case, you will hear the motor of your pump running, yet it will not pump water at all.

Many manufacturers will need the drilling to create a small hole for air relief in your discharge line that is placed between the check value and your pump which is designed to prevent your pump from overcoming the pressure of air in your discharge pipe. Your discharge pipe needs to be within the acceptable diameter.

Lastly, your pump pit mustn’t be put in gravel or dirt. This will cause debris to fall into your sump pump and then result in the interference with your pumps on and off switch as well as float arm.


4. The problem of switch

The main mechanical reason for the problems of sump pump is its switch. This happens when your pump shifts from the position of it in the basin, causing the float inefficiency. Float takes charge of the smooth working of the off and on switch. Your pump relies on either the switch or the float mechanisms in order to function effectively.

5. Not enough maintenance

A few pump manufacturers recommended the sump pump to be turned on every 2 or 3 months. Some recommended a program per year completed before any rainy season comes.

The following are some extra manufacturer recommendations:

  • As testing the sump pump, you should go outside in order to ensure that it’s discharging water
  • In case there is any back-up pumps, unplug the main pump and then run the pump for backup to ensure it functions properly
  • Sometimes your pump could run yet not pump water. This may mean its impeller has dissembled from the shaft of pump or its check valve may be installed backward.
  • Check the working of its float to ensure that it isn’t restricted
  • Clean the pump’s air hole within discharge lines
  • Listen for some unusual noises as yourpump’s motor remains running
  • Replace its battery on your back-up pump every 2-3 years

6. Clogged or frozen discharge lines

In case water cannot come out of your home via discharge lines, your system may not work well. It is necessary to keep your discharge pipe saved from freezing as well as staying free of dirt, sticks, rocks and debris. You should protect your discharge pipe’s exit point for the water. This would help keep animals and debris out of your system, making your system optimal to run.

7. Defect of products

Although product defect may be rare a possibility but it does happen sometimes. It is a good idea to test your pump as it’s initially installed in order to ensure your pump will operate properly.


So knowing all about the causes of the sump pump failure will help you in keep your pump last as long as possible. It will save you lots of money too.

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Both man and woman love presents on their birthday. In this special day, a little gift can show your love to him and make him the happiest person in the word. With women, they love health care gifts and things that make them beautiful. However, choosing gift for men is little bit harder because sometimes they don’t even know what they like. Some like luxury items such as well – known brand shoes or the best vinyl record player in the shop near your house, while others love small souvenir that is made by you. To solve a part of this problem, I wrote this article to suggest some choices to make it easier for ladies to purchase gifts for their beloved ones.

Birthday gifts

  1. Birthday gifts for your father

All of those years being his daughter or son, I guess that you at least know some of his hobbies and favorite stuff, don’t you? This is one of the easiest choices for you. The value of the gift doesn’t need to be high. It could be something humble and familiar to his everyday life such as pajamas, glasses or shaving box… That would make your dad proud of you so much because he knows that you never forget his birthday. If your father is old, avoid giving him stuffs that are not used in real life or something he’s not used to.

  1. For your husband

Many wives are too easy – going when thinking that once they are husband and wife, it won’t be a problem giving gifts to each other. However, the tender care is ropes that tighten the relationship between you two. In his birthday, you can cook a special meal (if you don’t intend to celebrate a party) or when he gets back home from work, you can give him something that he can use at work such as a pair of shoes, ties… If you are a dexterous wife, it would be an advantage. Who doesn’t feel proud when his colleagues compliment: “Oh? What a nice tie” “It’s my wife’s gift”.

In addition, if he is a music lover, you can search for some record players online, and maybe purchase one. A record player is more special than all kinds of modern music player recently. Sometimes back to the old type is good, isn’t it?

  1. Gifts for friends

With normal friends that are boy, the usual way to celebrate this occasion is giving flowers to them (make sure that you understand the meaning of kinds of flowers or they can made terrible misunderstanding). With close friends that you’ve played with for years, you can give them funny gifts like teddy bears, washing foam…

  1. With the ones have “another” intention to you

With boys that are having feeling with you, if you don’t have anything back to him, you should send him back to his original position by giving flowers to him, avoiding roses and forget me not.

In this case, a bunch of carnation would be good. In contrast, if you also have the feeling with “him” and want to skip some steps, a present exposing your thoughts such as a belt, male perfume… he would know for sure.

Gifts are not only the reminder for special occasions; they can also bring some messages that are not spoken in words. If you put a little bit effort in choosing the right gift for the right one, it would be very helpful and sometimes it’s the best way to express your feelings. So if you don’t know what to decide yet, you can always find some suggestions on our fan page and blog. Check them out and maybe you’ll find the suitable one for your needs.

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This is very much interesting to go on a hiking camping with your baby.

Normally, this is tough for the mothers and other members of the hiking

camping. At the same time, this is very challenging too. In fact, your baby

might love hiking and tracking like you.

But, taking your baby to the hiking is not a good part too. This might increase

the risk of uncertainty and accidents. In this case, only one thing can keep

your baby safe and found. That is a good baby hiking backpack. Do you

know the best baby hiking backpack to carry your kid?


The baby hiking backpack will provide your baby proper safety and help to

carry the important staffs for your baby. Therefore, you can easily understand

the quality and perfection of the backpack.

Do you know the main characteristics of the best baby hiking backpack? You

might need to consider those facts carefully for purchasing the right baby

carrier backpack for hiking. Therefore, today you will get the advantage of

getting the tips and tricks to find the best backpack for carrying your baby.


There are different sizes of backpacks for baby hiking. In this case, you will

need to choose the right size for your baby. Otherwise, your baby may not

feel comfortable in the backpack.

You should consider purchasing larger size backpack than the baby. This will

provide comfortable and easy to move feature to the baby. In addition, the

baby will grow soon and then, you can still use the backpack!

Should Straps

Should straps are really important to consider for buying the baby carrier

hiking backpacks. You should always look for the padded shoulder straps.

This will help you to carry the backpack for a long time. Moreover, this will

not raise any pain in your body too! So, you can enjoy carrying your baby on

your back or front easily without shoulder pain.


You should think about the safety concern of your baby when selecting the

backpack. In this case, count the comfort level of the seat in the backpack so

that your baby can feel good.


Therefore, this is better to have an adjustable seat option in the backpack. As

a result, you can adjust the seat differently each time if your baby is not

comfortable. Moreover, you should consider selecting the padded seats

because this will give extra comfort to your baby.


A proper positioning with safety is important when you are hiking with your

baby. This is the most concerning point because safety of your baby depends

on this. Therefore, you should check the harness point of the backpack before


You should always check the multi-position harness point because they

provide good service. Moreover, check the quality of the harness belt because

some backpacks provide low quality harness design too!

Customer Feedback & Rating

Another important part of choosing the right baby hiking backpack is the

customer feedback and rating. Although this is not a part of your backpack

feature, this is a must to consider.

Why do you consider customer feedback? This helps to understand the

quality, perfection and other parts of the backpack. This highlights the

experience and benefits of using the backpack from the real customer. As a

result, you can easily make the decision to go with the backpack or not.


These are the main facts that you should consider for finding out the best

backpack for hiking with baby. Don’t worry if you do not have any big

budget because you will find many affordable backpacks very easily. In fact,

you may not need very high budget for finding those backpacks. Another

thing you should consider about the backpacks is its quality of fabric. Don’t

forget that fabric is very important to support and keep safe other materials in

your backpacks.

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You can easily get benefit and all the useful help with the help of best air impact driver and can be easily kept at home. These are having powers of electricity which cannot be compared with the other services. The anchoring driver screws that are used have instruments that are easily used and it needs special attention as well. Impact drivers are usually good at prices and you may easily purchase them at affordable rates without difficulty and this may enable you to get the benefit from them and can easily be kept at home that help to ease all the facilities and fulfill your needs.  These are effective and are helpful in every respect.


Which type of screws is beneficial and well used?

These are made easily drive and are greater screws holder that contain more on it when they are usually compared and matched with the other tools that are related. These are having same concept and are of several different types. The two main types that are beneficial are known as DEWALT and Makita that are used side by side together and their views are easily seen by others. This helps the fraction driving work easily and efficiently. The DEWALT contain duty that is heavy with 18 volt impact new driver.

They are basically long term work as they are having easy powers with them that are along with the methods and are of 18 volt usually of the impact driver. This helps to give techniques for hand and is easily counted through the DEWALT. Dewalt solutions are helpful and can be easily used whenever needed.

Why is it good with impact driver?

Need with the help of impact driver:

There is a motor available that is without frame and is of electric and is basically of the DC825KA incorporation that provides magnesium and with it the material provided is used for delivering tool with proper support with the help of longevity.

There is proper convenience with the grip pertaining that provides necessary benefits. It is supposed to be with sizing that are different and can easily be transferred with different design and model that helps to increase with the help of easy lining into different parts with energy that is low and with 6lbs.

There is also a new dynamic available that contain better torque and also helps in it to work fast and easily with critical electric supply and that also influence people to work properly with this type of material and tool working. This a good type used.

There is a charger that is having an hour charger in the DEWALT DCF885C2 20 volt that can easily be trusted and is compared with the pain of other volt of 20 with the battery power and with equipments that are easily used.

Makita 18 volt LXT Lithium Ion that is wireless Impact and is also New driver. The new type is the Makita solutions that can be easily used over 3 months and can be easily used for several years and are beneficial.

There is good torque with the motor that is of electric and produces easy handling with critical torque with it and can easily be compared with others. You can get it up to 50% and are well used.

The different style and shape helps to decrease the energy that is low and is forcing too cozy and that tool that is not much complicated and is easily used with the command. There is a new design achieved for the Makita that is built properly with BROUGHT ABOUT light and can be easily checked as well. you can increase the life time and the ability of tool to be used and help to create heat hardened tool or material.  It also have easy chip that is made along with the charger.

You must check for the battery size along with the charger that is simply defined and used with the latest voltage and with the packet of battery used completely.

There is pair of battery of the lithium ion which is seen on the Makita’s BTD141 that is usually of 18 volt and this power is greatly used. It contains several speeds with the help of charger and with the belt lift that helps power supply done easily with the tools and is having proper stability. The charger is also having proper warranty that can be beneficial for you to use at your home as well.

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These are often in demand and people may often use them in cordless way. They are easily to grow and fast tools that are often used. You may check them easily and are considered as less weight too with compatibility and power that is high. You may check for the best impact driver 2016 that may guide you further to help your work done easily.

They are fast speed with easily torque that may be used without getting coiled again and again. They may often become reaction less torque that may be speed up and are advertised easily. You may not see them getting kicking it back or they are visible for the users who use them to check the rotational one torque.

You may say that impact drivers are hardly used as better than the drills and are different in their own perspective. They are fasteners and are usually cordless drills with holes on the, and can easily drive at fast rate with the depth within it and precision.

These must be usually used with the help of impact rated screw driver bits and are usually tougher still works and that are non impact bits that helps to reduce and loose that may be break afterwards or when it is properly used.


It is easily used by the users and is having great and easy runtime with proper brushes in it that can be easily used and are fast enough to be used. The speed is good and has different settings of torque which are in hand and can be driven easily without problems. This is the best type of the cordless driver of impact that is usually used by the users.


This is known to be one of the best types usually used and in this type more power is included and is a good way to use among the users and the prices achieved are the lower rates one.

This type is still recognized as the most powerful one and is compactable as well and is the best impact driver easily used by the users today on the market. Mostly it is found that used in the USA with its newer type that is Impact driver that is of Makita 18V TD148D that still provide with different torque and several speed with smooth features available.

This is also known as the brushless motor that can be easily used and is used for the long term as well as compared with several other types of the brushed motor impacts that are cheap.


This brushless driver of impact that is the Dewalt DCF886 is not considered as the first one without brush of the 20V max model. This is not recommended to most of the users but are often used by many and found adverse features to them. The compact part is the DCF895 and it provides speed that is great with appropriate torque requirements and checking the motor properly that helps to give the right type of energy and power supply in the long term.

This is different from that of the original motor impact of the brushes. This is easy to use and handle by the users and its prices differ as well. It contains two battery kit that may be priced as about $280 or can be less as that of $200 or for the bare driver it may be up to $130 and it may be a driver as well as the drill part.


You must get the right type of impact driver that is suitable for you and that must be used appropriately. This is not known to be a stellar performer but can be built easily and used properly by the users and are known to be easily reliable with the performance that is accurate and detectable. It provides good result and the prices range differently that are also beneficial.

The price which is seen for the 2 battery kit is usually $125 that is seen mostly but you may also see it going as high as $140 or may also be challenging with as much as that of $99. If your budget is low then this is a must thing to be considered and check for some of the extra robustness. This can be solid and are ranging in different prices that may be from $100 and can goes up to $125.

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The particular system is sold with a couple of 2 Ah batteries. The particular integrated charger restores any deceased battery in less than 20 moments. In the event you perform also quickly for your charger to bring back the particular free battery prior to deciding DeWalt DCF886B to are usually finished with usually the one put in inside the application, it is possible to improve to be able to one of many greater batteries. The particular 4 Ah battery will need 45 moments to be able to demand, yet it is going to previous 2 times provided that properly.

The fruitfulness of Battery Charger of DeWalt dcf886b:

The particular battery determines constructed into DeWalt DCF886B 20V Max batteries can be a primitive system. That makes use of a few LEDs to indicate the particular position with the battery. My batteries manage to devote many time with demand stage a couple of, simply to perish right after showing an individual mild for 2 moments. The particular determine is useful adequate to distinguish any deceased battery from your total a single on the asking stop, nonetheless, it is not going to inform you if the battery provides adequate strength still left to perform a job prior to deciding to acquire the particular motorist upwards any steps together with you.

Tips for using:

  • First thing when working with the particular DCF886B inside the working area has been the unbelievably tiny dimensions and also lower fat.
  • Cordless individuals have been doubly huge because the DeWalt DCF886B only some yearsback. Getting mild gives that an even regarding agility in which was once earmarked regarding 12V equipment.
  • The particular DCF886B lifestyles around the technical specs inside the strength section.Timber screws regarding virtually any dimensions and also tiny lag products are usually simply no match up because of this motorist.
  • Just what can create a challenge, nonetheless, could be the driver’s reliability about thesorting equipment to be able to finish the same job.
  • Any time traveling 3″ screws directly into design level timber the particular sort productsengages simply 1/3 as you go along.
  • Kit property with the DeWalt DCF886B gets hot significantly any time traveling numerousfasteners. The particular grasp will become cozy to the touch, nevertheless, the motorist will not decrease.
  • Altogether the particular DCF886B can be an extraordinary motorist proper traveling beneath 100 fasteners in the work day.
  • It really is effortless on your own palms because lower fat, agile inside cramped places, butsince potent because the finest with the opposition.
  • In a man-made research, laboratory analyzes those two individuals conquer that by way of asmall perimeter.
  • Inside actuality, nonetheless, the particular variation is indeed tiny you will scarcely eachobserve that.
  • The more expensive batteries designed for almost all a few individuals help make theparticular staying power discussion any mime level.
  • The particular system includes a commonDeWalt hoover produced storage case. Inside the internal there is a certainly area for your motorist,charger, and also a couple of batteries.
  • The particular battery pocket will be skillfully built to acknowledge some of the 20V Max batteries.
  • The truth shields the particular motorist coming from physical influence and will become stacked.

To sum up:

The particular 20V Max battery method capabilities Dewalt DCF886B regarding specialist equipment. There exists a potent alternative to suit your needs inside almost every application group. The particular battery collection including 2 to be able to 5 Ah lets you switch inside the staying power of one’s equipment. A year ago fresh equipment together with brushless power generators is already included with the particular line.

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“We’re forever selling high-speed drill bits, saw blades and sandpaper for the belt sanders,” Hader says. “Those are the big sellers, but there are a myriad of other little things that you have to have, like chuck keys and the like.”

Another good point about selling power tool accessories is that while discount stores may sell tools, they generally don’t offer a wide selection of accessories.

For example, Shands says his accessory assortment contains items that aren’t likely to be found at the discount stores.

“What we have here, you’ll never find at Wal-Mart,” he says. “We have a few of the lower-priced items, but we really specialize in the higher-end, contractor-grade items.”

In addition to stocking a higher-quality accessory than found in the discount store, you can also distinguish your store by having a wider selection of sizes, and a selection of more unusual accessories than discount stores are likely to carry.

Discount stores also usually don’t promote accessories – leaving you an uncontested opportunity to promote your accessory line.

“Every circular we send out has some type of accessories in it,” says Shands. “And it really seems to bring customers in. Sales of accessories go up every time we send out a circular.”

He adds that even accessories such as metal-cutting saw blades, which seem highly specialized, are effective ways to draw customers to the store.

Though some retailers suggest that accessory promotion is a waste of time (“Everyone knows that if you have the saw, you have the blades that go with it,” says one), most retailers agree that it is worth the time, even those who have basically left the business of selling power tools to others.

Most retailers also agree that offering expert advice on exactly which accessory is right for the job for those who aren’t sure, is another way to distinguish your store from your discount competition.

“The customer here gets service,” Shands says. “I mean from someone who knows what they are talking about, not just some high school kid. Not only can we tell them exactly what accessory they need, we know how to do most of the things they’re doing. We can take them through their entire project, to make sure they know what they’re doing.”

He adds that talking to the customer allows the chance to explain the benefits of better-quality accessories.

Taking the time to talk to the customer also gives you a chance to suggest additional accessories that could assist with the job at hand.

For example, if a customer is buying a circular saw blade to cut paneling, he may also be interested in a cutting guide to ensure a straight cut.

“We generally try to accessorize them when they’re buying the tools,” Eckman says. “We don’t pressure them, but if they’re buying a drill, for example, we’ll ask if they have the drill bits they need. Or once we findout what they’re doing, we’ll suggest something that will help them with the job.”

One retailer who recently designed an endcap with an assortment of drill bits and saw blades says that she expects it to generate sales.

“If someone’s buying a tool in the next aisle and doesn’t turn around and see the regular aisle where the bits are, they’ll see the endcap and think, |Maybe I’ll need some bits.’ Also, it’s a good way to attract people who weren’t even looking at tools.”


(Dollar figures in millions.)

         Shipments   % Change   Shipments        % change
                              (1987 dollars)   (1987 dollars)
1987    $1,886        N/A       $1,886            N/A
1988     2,155       14.3%       2,104            11.6%
1989     2,304        6.9        2,157             2.5
1990(*)  2,437        5.8        2,211             2.5

(*) Estimated. Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1991.



How have your sales of power tools changed over the past 12 months?

Increased   33%
Decreased   13
No change   54

How have your profits on power tools changed over the past 12 months?

Increased   20%
Decreased   15
No change   65

What percentage of your total sales volume do you attribute to power tools?

Less than 5%   65%
5-10%   22
More than 10%   13

How have you changed your selection of power tools in the past 12 months?

Increased   24%
Decreased   8
No change   68

Do you plan to change your selection of power tools in the next 12 months?

Increase   15%
Decrease   4
No change   81

Source: Hardware Age Retail Panel, 1991.

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Do-it-yourselfers and contractors both love power tools, and have amassed quite a collection. For example, a study conducted by Shea and Associates, a Cincinnati, OH-based research company, shows that 82% of American households own electric drills, and another 41% own circular saws.

Despite this popularity, power tools get mixed reviews from hardware retailers. Some say power tools are good sellers that return a fair profit. Others have a list of complaints: They’re too price-competitive, there’s no margin, and all the discount stores sell them.

“About the only time we sell a power tool,” says Frank Eckman, president of Lancaster Hardware, in Lancaster, PA, “is when ServiStar is promoting them. And it seems that there’s always someone promoting some kind of power tool. The rare exception is when a guy is in the middle of a job on a Saturday and his drill burns out. So he runs in here because it is the closest place.”

This type of increasingly common situation in hardlines outlets has led many retailers to concentrate their selling efforts on other lines, while maintaining a downsized selection of power tools.

And as far as the tools go, this strategy is understandable. The Shea study, for example, projects flat growth in power tool sales throughout the 1990s. And a study done by the U.S. Department of Commerce concurs, saying power tool sales can be expected to grow only “marginally” through 1995.

But when it comes to power tool accessories, downsizing is out of the question for most retailers.

“Accessories always seem to sell,” says retailer Eckman.

The Shea study goes so far as to call power tool accessories “one of the hottest product groups at retail and a staple of the industrial supplier.” Every type of accessory the group studied is projected to show sales increases through 1997.

The Commerce Department study also says accessories is where the excitement is, calling them a “fast-growing” segment.

The reasons for this projected increase in accessory sales are clear. Not only are power toolspopular, but in the hands of an active D-I-Yer, a power tool can last several years. Accessories, however, break, dull, wear out or get lost. In addition, one power tool can do a wide variety of tasks, but without the accessories to do the job at hand, it is virtually useless.

“When you take chucks and bits and blades and everything else into account, we probably do more business in accessories than we do in the tools themselves,” says Steve Shands, owner of Garner’s Ace Hardware in Searcy, AR.

Even basic power tools need accessories to meet consumer demands. For example, most cordless screwdrivers come with a bit or two, but the consumer soon finds that they’re too big for many screws. Now they’re ready to buy some accessories.

There’s more good news: Accessories produce better profit margins than the tools they are made for.

“There’s no question that accessories produce better margins,” says Jim Hader, president of Hader Hardware, a 12-store chain in Cincinnati.

Of course accessories cost less than the power tools do. As a result, they are less price-sensitive.

“The lower line of power tools are extensively shopped in this area,” says retailer Shands. “If someone is going to spend $60 or $70 on something, they’re going to look at the Wal-Mart and try to save a couple of dollars. If they only need a bit or a blade that’s going to cost a few bucks, they usually have already started the job and they’re not going to run all over town and try to save a quarter.”

Though accessories are less price-sensitive than power tools, most retailers carry an entry-level line to appeal to the exceptionally price-conscious customer. Most note, however, that even inexperienced do-it-yourselfers are often willing to buy better-grade, higher-priced accessories.

“We try to build an image of quality for our store,” says Shands. “If someone is looking at saw blades, I’ll tell him, |I don’t know how often you’ll use this, but if you buy the better line, you’ll keep if for years.’ I think the customer can see that buying one blade for $15 is better than buying four or five for $6.”

He notes that despite having a selection geared to professional users, about 70% of the store’s sales are to do-it-yourselfers.

Since the electric drill is the most commonly owned power tool, it’s not surprising that drill bits are the most commonly purchased accessory.

Other popular accessories include: circular saw blades, bits for cordless screwdrivers, batteries for cordless tools, and a wide variety of accessories for use with rotary tools used by hobbyists and craftsmen.

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New Saw Devil line of concrete and asphalt saws from Stone Construction Equipment is a first for the company

Stone’s has launched its new Saw Devil line, which compliments the company’s line of concrete mixing and finishing equipment and asphalt-compaction products, with three models–two manual and one self-propelled. Based on the most popular sizes and configurations, and designed for the contractor who does concrete and asphalt flat sawing to depths of 6% inches, the saws are available with a wide variety of engine and blade size options.

Features of the Saw Devil line include vibration-reducing all-steel box frame construction, unique adjustable handles with padded handgrips, exclusive hip control bar on manual models, easy adjustment of blade guard to change from right to left cuts, and self-locking acme screw to quickly raise and lower the blade.

Model CS1, smallest in the line, is a lightweight manual concrete saw, which is ideal for small flat cutting jobs, expansion joint cutting, conduit channel cutting, and other flatwork. The CS1 accepts 12- and 14-inch blades for cuts to 4 5/8 inches deep. Available engine options include an hp Honda, a 7.5-hp Robin, and a 7-hp Briggs & Stratton.

The mid-size Saw Devil, the CS2, is a heavier duty model intended for small to medium-sized contractors, rental yards, and municipalities. This walk-behind unit delivers the precision cutting needed for pavements, walkways, ramps, and other flat-sawing applications. Operating controls are easily accessible on the conveniently located console, and the CS2 has heavy-duty front 4-inch wheel guide and rear cutting pointer. Blade sizes are 12, 14 and 16 inches for cuts to depths of 5 inches. Engine options are an 11-hp Honda, a 13-hp Honda with cyclone air cleaner, a 9-hp Briggs & Stratton, a 16-hp Briggs & Stratton, and a 5-hp electric.

The self-propelled CSP3 Saw Devil effectively handles all types of production cutting: parking lots, streets, floors, etc. All controls are located on the easy-to-reach control panel, and infinitely adjustable handles move up and down and in and out to match the operator’s size and preference, as well as the cut angle. CSP3 features include an on-board high-capacity fuel tank; exclusive weighted, self-locking blade crank that raises and lowers the blade quickly and easily and automatically locks blade in place for accurate cutting; blade depth indicator; and heavy-duty front 4-inch wheeled guide and rear cutting pointer.

Fourteen-, 16-, and 18-inch blades deliver cuts to 6 5/8 inches deep, and four engine options include the 13-hp Honda with cyclone air cleaner, 18-hp Honda Twin, 20-hp Honda with remote cyclone air cleaners, and 16-hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard.

Saw Devil Specifications


Model                        CS1
Operating weight (lb.)       175
Dimension                    36.5"x26.6"x34.5"
Blade capacity               12", 14"
Cutting depth                3 5/8" w/12" blade
                             4 5/8" w/14" blade

Engine options               7-hp Briggs & Stratton
                             7.5-hp Robin
                             8-hp Honda

Fuel capacity (gal)          1.6
Drive                        Push
Performance speed            Push
Suggested list price*        $1,500

Model                        CS2
Operating weight (lb.)       310
Dimension                    47.3"x26.6"x36.75"
Blade capacity               12",14",16"
Cutting depth                3 5/8" w/12" blade
                             4 5/8" w/14" blade
                             5 5/8" w/16" blade

Engine options               9-hp Briggs & Stratton
                             11-hp Honda
                             13-hp Honda
                             16-HP B&S Vanguard
                             5-hp electric
Fuel capacity (gal)          1.7
Drive                        Push
Performance speed            Push
Suggested list price*        $1,995

Model                        CSP3
Operating weight (lb.)       475
Dimension                    54"x26.75"x37"
Blade capacity               12", 14" 16", 18"
Cutting depth                3 5/8" w/12" blade
                             4 5/8" w/14" blade
                             5 5/8" w/16" blade
                             6 5/8" w/18" blade
Engine options               13-hp Honda
                             16-hp B&S Vanguard
                             18-hp Honda Twin
                             20-hp Honda Twin

Fuel capacity (gal)          2
Drive                        Hydrostatic
Performance speed            90 fpm
Suggested list price(*)      $3,225
(*) List prices range from $1,500 to $6,000 depending on model configuration.


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I want to split my own firewood this year. Which tools will make the job most efficient?

If you’re envisioning Paul Bunyan employing his double-bitted axe for everything from felling trees to splitting, it’s time to rethink. The axe is actually not a splitting tool–it’s designed as a cutting tool. Instead, you can opt to use better-suited hand tools, such as a splitting maul, wedges, a sledgehammer, or a combination of the three, to get the most heat out of your firewood.

If you’re not interested in swinging a maul or sledgehammer, consider using a dedicated hand splitter, such as the WoodEze Smart-Splitter–a splitting wedge attached to a slide hammer that you raise vertically above the log and slam into it. You can also choose a hand- or foot-powered hydraulic splitter, for which you supply the pumping power–the hydraulic ram does the rest.

When you’re short on time or energy, or expect to split several cords, you may find that a powered splitter is an ultra-efficient luxury worth the investment. Hydraulic splitters are typically rated by their maximal hydraulic force, measured in tons. Most hydraulic splitters rely on a power source to pump hydraulic oil into a hydraulic cylinder (ram) at high pressures, causing the cylinder’s piston to move. The end of the piston is generally attached to a flat plate or anvil (on models with a stationary wedge), or to a splitting wedge (on models with a stationary anvil), and is positioned on a track such that, when it moves, the wedge and the plate squeeze a log between them until it splits. Some so-called dual-action hydraulic splitters have an anvil at either end of the track with a wedge that can split in either direction. These models can increase your hourly output considerably because you won’t need to bring the wedge back to the starting position before loading another log.

Many lightweight models are available with a maximal hydraulic force of 4 to 8 tons. These machines are usually powered with electric motors, so they’re quiet, and you can safely operate them indoors if desired. Though ideal for splitting dry wood, these little powerhouses can effectively split green wood up to about 12 inches in diameter, assuming it isn’t one of the more difficult-to-split species, such as American elm.

If you’ll regularly need to split green or dry rounds up to 24 inches long and 12 inches or more in diameter, choose a splitter with at least 12 tons of power–16 tons or more would be even better. If possible, choose a machine that will operate in both vertical and horizontal configurations, so loading and positioning the wood will be easy from any angle. These machines are heavy, but most are mounted on an undercarriage for mobility. The electric models in this range will likely require a 220-volt electrical source. If you already have a tractor with a three-point hitch and hydraulic system, a PTO and matched hydraulic pump, or a skid-steer loader, you can sometimes save money on a splitter with the same capacity by choosing the tractor or skid-steer mount option. The tractor will power the splitter.

When you plan to split stuff with a diameter of 24 inches or more, or tackle a particularly tough species, then consider a model with 20 tons of capacity or more. In general, if your firewood needs add up to several cords each season, the larger models will serve you well–and they’ll be able to handle smaller jobs, too. Relatively new are high-speed units that rely on mechanical advantage and inertia to split logs, with a cycle time that’s significantly faster than that of most hydraulic splitters. Currently available in rating equivalents up to about 35 tons, options include the DR Power RapidFire and the Super Split.

No discussion of splitting tools would be complete without mention of another screwtype design–the Stickler. You can power this very large, cone-shaped woodscrew by bolting it to a car, truck or tractor axle, or by coupling it with a tractor’s PTO, stationary engine–name it and you can use it. Set the screw spinning, stab the end of a log onto the screw, and keep the log from rotating. As the screw pulls its way into the log, the log will split. Good for logs up to 3 feet long and 40 inches in diameter, this may well be the least expensive and most versatile option, not including wedge and sledge. Like all log splitters, it requires an attentive operator, but is capable of serious production. (The Stickler appeared on the cover of Mother Earth News in 1976.)